1. […] would be. For further details on the existential quantifier, I’ll refer you to my post Introducing Existential Instantiation and Generalization. So, it is not a quality of a thing imagined that it exists or not. Rather, there is simply the […]

  2. I would like to hear your opinion on G_D being The Programmer. A person’s dna generally being the same was the base class then man and woman inherited person dna and their own customizations of their dna to make their uniquely prepared for the reproductive process such that when the dna generated sperm and dna generated egg of two objects from the same base class meet then a soul is inserted into their being such is the moment of programmatic “instantiation” the “spark of life” of a new person whether man or woman and obviously with deformities there seems to be a random chance factor of low possibility of deformity of one being born with both woman and male genitalia at birth as are other random change built into the dna characteristics indicating possible disease or malady being linked to common dna properties among mother and daughter and father and son like testicular or breast cancer, obesity, baldness or hair thinning, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, asthma, skin or ear nose and throat allergies, skin acne, etcetera all being pre-programmed random events that G_D does not control per se but allowed to exist in G_D’s PROGRAMMED REAL FOR US VIRTUAL FOR G_D REALITY WE ALL LIVE IN just as the virtual game environment seems real to the players but behind the scenes technically is much more real and machine like just as the iron in our human body’s blood stream like a magnet in an electrical generator spins and likely just as two electronic wireless devices communicate their are likely remote communications both uploads and downloads when each, human body, sleeps. This possibly could be truly controlled through literal “STRINGS” in the human heart as these vibrations could easily be used to emulate frequencies and if readable by technology we don’t have could the transmitter and possibly even the receiver also if we only understood more about what is occurring beyond what we can currently see and measure despite our best advances there are certain spiritual realms and advances that are beyond our understanding but are clearly there in real life as we all worldwide wherever I have gone and I rose from E-1 to become a naval officer so I have traveled the world more than most but less than ya’ know, wealthy folks, hmmm but I AM GOOD an honest and I realize the more I come to know the less and less I really understand and that it is very important to look at the basics of every technology to understand the beauty of G_D’s simplicity making it possible for us to come to learn, discover and understand how to use G_D’s magnificent universe to best help all of G_D’s children.

    Just some thoughts as a software engineer I have as a seeker of TRUTH and lover of G_D like I love and protect a precious infant and women.


    Love to hear thoughts specifically on G_D and INSTANTIATION of us as new human “objects” in an “OBJECT ORIENTED WORLD” G_D programmed and the relation of INSTANTIATION being the SPARK OF LIFE process of reproducing and making a new “man” or new “woman” object allocating new memory for the new object in the “universal computer of time and space G_D programmed in G_D’s allocated memory space”.


    John Flaherty
    “Make a WAY”

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