Here is some recommended reading on freethought. The authors listed here do not agree on everything. They include deists, agnostics, and strong atheists, and some also disagree over the historicity of Jesus. This is to be expected from freethinkers, because they think for themselves. The books listed here will be ones I’ve read or am interested in reading, and I will tell you which is which. If you have any recommendations of your own, leave a comment below.

Hoary Tomes of Freethought

These are old enough to have been made available for free through Project Gutenberg, which archives public domain books. I begin by listing books I have read and can personally recommend. If you’re pressed for time, then I would recommend beginning with some lectures by Ingersoll. If you do have the time, then you might want to read them all. I have listed them in the order they were written.

Project Gutenberg has even more free books on freethought that I haven’t read. These include multiple works by Baron d’ Holbach and Robert Ingersoll. Here is a selection of titles that look interesting.

Recent Freethought Books

These have been written recently enough that their copyrights have not expired. I have read most of them. I have also included a few I haven’t finished reading, because I am confident that they are worth reading. I have put an asterisk, *, after the titles I have not yet finished.

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