My New Blog: Wisdom is Best

Up until this post, everything has been imported from my previous blog at, which was hosted at was recently down for a few days, and this is not the first time I have had trouble accessing it. So I decided to migrate my blog to a new location that may prove more reliable. While is a dedicated blog hosting site with the best name for one, this blog is at a free web hosting site, and I have simply installed the WordPress software, which is what also uses. The web host here allows the free use of subdomains with a selection of domain names the company owns, and I have picked a combination of domain and subdomain that describes what the site is about. So the blog is now going by a different name. One advantage of moving here is that I have more control over how WordPress operates. I have edited the CSS to display blockquotes differently from the installed theme, and to show things in a single column when in portrait mode on a mobile device. Another advantage is that I can install plug-ins. I have installed one for logging in through Facebook or Google+. Also, this web host brags about how fast and reliable it is. It uses its own equipment instead of renting someone else’s, and it describes itself as the fastest free web host. Hopefully, that’s all true, and this blog will be up more reliably than it has been at

UPDATE: This blog is no longer at the same webhost, and it is no longer accessible through the URL Even before moving to a new webhost, I switched to paid hosting and started using the domain name, as is now displayed in various graphics. More recently, I have started using SSL, so that the current URL for the blog is it now

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