1. “An atheist is someone who lacks a belief in anything he might call God.”

    That’s a wimpy definition.

    A real atheist: 100% certain magical beings are just fantasies for uneducated superstitious cowardly morons.

  2. “What happens when we die? Who knows? I haven’t died. What I am sure of is what will not happen.”

    Scientists (and most unbrainwashed children) have figured it out. We’re worm food. Everyone who isn’t insane has figured it out. Dead people are stinking piles of garbage and that’s it. This isn’t rocket science FFS.

  3. “If there is a Heaven, that will be very nice.”

    Really? You think it would be nice if everything was magic and the word “reality” is meaningless?

    The heaven cowards believe in, an eternal 2nd life, would be the most boring disgusting place I could imagine. Another thing is the moronic heaven fantasy makes terrorism possible. Do you think that’s nice?

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