1. John Galt III

    Islam is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a religion. It grows not by creating but by stealing other nation’s and people’s stuff.

    OK – please explain why with 100 times as many adherents as Jews at 1.6 billion to 16 million Islam has (3) Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Medicine and Physics when Jews have over 156.

    If you were from Mars you would get this in an instant. Only an ideologue with an IQ under 50 on a warm day would question Islam pathetic God and and Man hating nature,

  2. You may have mistaken me for a Muslim apologist, which I most certainly am not. Islam is a false religion, and it is a tragedy that some Muslim countries impose theocracy on their citizens. This creates a lack of freedom for many Muslims, which may have something to do with fewer of them winning Nobel prizes.

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